US 10963816

Systems and methods for time-shifting interactions using a shared artificial intelligence personality

Systems and methods are described for time-shifting interactions by sharing an artificial intelligence personality (AIP). An AIP is an understanding construct that may control a variety of communication experiences to support a sense of ongoing social connectedness. An AIP may be instantiated within one or more HIEs that interact with humans in a human, cartoon or pet-like manner. HIEs may include robots, robotic pets, toys, simple-to-use devices, and graphical user interfaces. The AIP may be periodically updated based on human interactions sensed by the HIEs as well as knowledge of historical and ongoing events. The systems may provide users with intuitive machine companions that exhibit an expert knowledge base and a familiar, cumulative personality. HIEs may continue to operate without interruption in the presence of telecommunications delays or interruptions, and/or the absence of one or more human participants; allowing participants to "time-shift" their sense of connectedness.