US 10762414

Systems and methods for sharing an artificial intelligence personality

Systems and methods are described for sharing an artificial intelligence personality (AIP) among multiple human interaction entities (HIEs). An AIP is an understanding construct that interacts with one or more humans in a human- or pet-like manner, implementing a variety of communication experiences to support a sense of ongoing social connectedness. HIEs may include robots, robotic pets, toys, and avatars. The system may be implemented using two or more HIEs and, optionally, one or more remote and/or distributed processors to compute AIPs and sequence telecommunications. AIPs are periodically updated primarily based on human interactions sensed by the two or more HIEs. HIEs may continue to operate without interruption in the presence of significant telecommunications delays. The systems may provide two or more users with intuitive machine companions that exhibit an integrated knowledge base and personality cumulatively acquired from all users.

One of Jim's original diagrams

This was Kinoo’s first granted patent, and was seminal in my decision to found Kinoo.  It addresses the fundamental idea of an AI social agent, supporting a construction, an AI Persona (AIP) in this patent, to keep two humans connected across space and time. The PTS (Problem to Solve) that sparked this idea was the challenge of keeping an astronaut feeling connected with a remote loved one, during the ICE (Isolated, Confined and Extreme) conditions of long duration space flight, such as up to a 20 minute delay each way, due to limits of the speed of light, for transmission of information between Earth and Mars.  The AIPs interact with humans through Human Interaction Entities (HIEs).  The AIPs are updated through a sequence of steps to recompute an updated user state, incorporating sensor information, such as audio input from a human, shown in this Figure.  The HIEs can continue to operate, despite the latency of transmission of electromagnetic information between Earth and Mars, for instance.