Jim contributes to important causes, both within his own companies and through diligent work with charitable organizations.


Kinoo Reading and Learning Platform

Kinoo's kinetic reading and learning platform brings learning to life through physical movement and imaginative gameplay. Screens are not required.

Kinoo has applied AI and AR to create a compelling new way for children and families to interact with a broad range of media, from paper magazines and books to enhanced video chat. Kinoo's mission is to create the best possible future for children, their families, and the world through connection, play and learning.

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Eyefluence Eye-Tracking and Eye-Iteraction Technology

The technology you have to see to believe. Eyefluence’s eye-tracking and eye-interactive technology enables a hands-free augmented and virtual reality experience.

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Livescribe Smartpen

The world’s first smart pen. The Livescribe Echo and Pulse record handwriting and audio and, through playback, allow the user to listen to their words both on their device and directly from their paper.

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LeapFrog LeapPad

The number one toy in the United States, U.K., and Australia for years running, the LeapPad has helped over 100 million kids learn to read. In 2005, the LeapPad was in over 77% of American households with children between the ages of four and seven.

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Explore Technologies

Odyssey Atlasphere

After learning that one in seven American adults couldn’t locate their own country on an unmarked map, Jim created the Odyssey Atlasphere: the talking and touch-interactive globe. This tool combatted geographic illiteracy by allowing users to touch a stylus to different parts of the globe and learn unique, fun facts.


StrataCom IPX

Jim and his team developed Asynchronous Transfer Mode, FrameRelay high-speed WAN switching equipment, and FastPacket (the first commercial cell switch). This StrataCom trio helped achieve reliable high-speed communication on a global scale.

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